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What Can I Do For You?

As a fellow writer and editor, I will help you solve problems by researching solutions throughout the whole writing process. I can help you to brainstorm ideas, cultivate answers, refine solutions, develop tools, build systems, and produce processes that can be successfully implemented. 

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What Services do I Offer?

Zoom Meeting Reviews

Bring your work with you and get immediate personal feedback right 

away when you schedule a zoom call with me and we will work together. 

Highschool Tutoring Session

$25 per 45 minute session

College Tutoring Session

$30 per 45 minute session

Professional Level Consult

$300 per 45 minute session

Email for scheduling and payment process questions. 

Paper Reviews

No meeting, just submit your projects online for me to review and I will send it 

back with actionable feedback to improve your work within 1-2 business days.

Highschool Paper Edit

$15 per paper submitted

College Student Paper Edit

$45 per paper submitted

Professional Level Paper Edit

$400 per submission

Email of paper submission and for a detailed payment process

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