Alex Michael Hales

Hello There!

I am a Technical Writer located 

in Arizona. I would love to help 

perfect your writing style!

One day, I will become a successful published author.

My Passion and Drive

I have a passion for learning and understanding new concepts. I am especially interested in the rapid advances of Artificial Intelligence technologies that help users create new stories. I believe that in the next 5 years, we can expect impressive innovations that will shape the field of Technical Communication.

I am excited for the new possibilities that are open to us as the capabilities of technology increases. As a writer on your team, I will strive to achieve goals and meet deadlines using the best modern tools available. I am excited to collaborate with anyone who is passionate about this field. Let's get started!

My Favorite Things!

I may be a great writer, though in my free time I love listening to music, watching movies, making interesting contraptions, and visiting grand vistas all around the world. Take a look!


I may not be a good musician or singer, but I love listening to music. LoFi, Country, and Pop are by far the best! 

Movies and TV

I am inspired by great storytelling in Top Gun Maverick, the political intrigue of The Expanse, and the magic of Eragon. 


I have always liked helping my dad make things. I hope to pass that desire on to my kids, as I teach them in my own woodshop one day. 


I desire to travel the world, seeking out great forests, mountains, deserts, hills, oceans, and caves that the natural world offers us.

Email me at with music, movies, objects, and 

places that are interesting to you. I would love to talk with you!

My Qualifications


- Completed as of May 2023

- Completed as of May 2024

- Starting on August 2024 - Completing by May 2028


- Active as of April 2023

What Have I Done?